Vela Garška

dive site type: cave/cavern
difficulty: easy
depth range: 0-20 m
distance from the diving center: 2 hours 15 minutes

To the west of Hvar there’s a bay called Vela Garška. After mooring the boat, we head towards the west penisula. After a few minutes of the shallow part of the bay we reach the “drop-off” and continue with the vertical wall falling down to 20m. The wall is covered with a yellow and orange sponge and yellow and red corals. The environment is conducive to the occurrence of numerous species of nudibranch (some specimens grow up to 30cm). At the end of the wall, at a depth of 5m, there is an entrance to the cave – a 20-meter horizontal tunnel deep into the wall, at the bottom of which we can find sea anemones, shrimps and scorpion fish. Right at the entrance there is a “bubble” of air in which you can rise your head.