dive site type: nature
difficulty: easy
depth range: 0-35 m
distance from the diving center: 30 minutes

The westernmost part of the Kabal peninsula is the most interesting for divers. The slopes are quite steep and the rock formations differ in shapes, from time to time resembling artificial objects. Just in the place where Tiha Bay ends and Stari Grad Bay gets narrower, there is a rock formation looking a bit like stairs. Rocks are pretty flat and it seems that someone might have purposely arranged these rectangle blocks to build steps for giants. This kind of story is of course a fantasy and the formations are totally natural. They can be seen in the emerged part of the peninsula as well as under the water. The slope, which extends to more or less 40 m, consists of a few big steps. The story of the stairs is hidden in the name of the diving site – Croatian word stepenice in translation to English means stairs. During the dive we see picturesque rock formations: walls, thresholds and overhangs. During the day there is a beautiful light and lots of life. A pleasant, simple dive ideal for beginner divers and underwater photographers. Common langustas, octopus, nudibranch. Sometimes eagle rays flowing in the depths.