Dariusz Spirytulski

Position: owner of the company & instructor

Diving certification: instructor CMAS, PADI, IANTD, HSA

Period of stay: beginning and end of summer // Autumn: liveaboards in Egypt



Where am I from: Sosnowiec, but since 1988 I live in Kraków.

When did I start diving: it was 1989, when I did my first course (CMAS P1) in the Siecino lake.

When did I start working with Nautica: in the very beginning – 1997.

Where did I dive: Indonesia, Galapagos, French Polynesia, Thailand, Australia, Borneo, Malaysia, Mexico, Cuba, Sudan plus Egypt and Croatia, where I dive most often.

Beloved dive site in Croatia: Travna

Favourite place in the world: Galapagos

Jakub Sęk

Position: diving center manager, diving instructor

Diving certification: Diving instructor KDP/CMAS M1 and SSI

Period of stay: 13.07 – 24.08.2019



Where am I from: Kraków

When did I start diving: I took my first underwater breaths in 2007, on the PADI OWD course at the Nautica Hvar base in Stari Grad.

When did I start to work with Nautica:  Since 2018 but in previous years I have cooperated with Nautica as the President of the Academic Underwater Club Krab AGH when organizing club trips to Croatia and Egypt.

Where did I dive: Australia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Italy, Poland, Thailand, USA.

Beloved dive site in Croatia:  Kamulce and Mario Bay: a vibrant place near the base, full of various crustaceans, inhabited by a sea horse, visited by a sea hare. Perfect for night diving!

Katarzyna Głydziak-Bojić

Position: worker in administration, tour representative

Diving certification: self-professed NONDIVER

Period of stay: July and August (+ a little bit in June in September in Vis) 



Where am I from: from Łódź by birth, from Stari Grad by choice.

Why I do not dive: because on the dry surface there is so many things to take care and if I would start to dive it’s possible that no one could force me to do paper work.

When did I start to work with Nautica: in the fall of 2014, so summer of 2015 was my first touristic season in Stari Grad Nautica diving centre.

What is my job in diving centre: I live on Hvar island all year long, so I do some administration works to prepare the touristic season. During the summer, except for administration and paper works, I try to take care of our guests to be sure that their holiday will be safe and pleasant. I give my special attention to our non-diver guests. It’s important to me to help them to fill up the time that they wait for their beloved divers with some interesting non-dive activities. That’s why I gladly share with them my experience and knowledge about “must see” places and “must do” things on the surface.

What do I like the most on Hvar island: I like the most things which actually annoy me sometimes: kind of “lassitude” of Stari Grad, “dalmatinian syndrome” of its inhabitants and finally that undefined “something” that is just in the air here – the atmosphere of tiny little town far apart from the continent by 2 hours of ferry ride.  It’s perfect and enough to keep the distance from crazy world and save a healthy balance in my life. Hvar island is my home and I love it for better and for worse 🙂

Piotr "Kudeł" Kudełko

Position: dive guide

Diving certification: DM PADI , DM HSA

Period of stay:

24.04-28.06 – Vis
29.06-7.09 – Hvar
7.09 – till the end – Vis




Where am I from: Zabierzów, a small village near Cracow.

When did I start diving: my father was throwing me into the water on his diving camps when I was a little kid and somehow I survived. First “legal” intro was in Egypt when I was 9 yr.

When did I start to work with Nautica: in 2014.

Where did I dive: Croatia, Egypt , Malta, Greece, Mexico, Poland.

Beloved dive site in Croatia: hammock. But being serious, on Vis it will be B-24. When it comes to Hvar island it would definitely be Travna – underwater mountain with plateau at 12 m, it goes to 50m. All covered with corals, sponges and yellow gorgonias. The kingdom of macro life(snails, crabs etc.). If you are lucky, you may spot huge scorpion fish, congers, groupers or even rays and sea horses.

Alicja Spirytulska

Position: dive guide

Diving certification: Divemaster PADI

Period of stay: whole season


Where am I from: Kraków

When did I start diving: first time under the water? In Piła, on my dad’s octopus. I’m not sure what year that was, however the pike, which was swimming in the lake, seemed to be bigger than me.

When did I start to work with Nautica: I work as a Divemaster since 2018, but I could easily say, that I was raised in a diving center.

Where did I dive: Croatia, Red Sea and our cold Polish dive sites.

Beloved dive site in Croatia: Tatinja on Hvar. Every dive we do on this neverending wall teems with different views. In one crack we find a big octopus, in second a moray, 4 rock lobsters in another one and, if we are lucky enough, we can spot an eagle ray swimming in the depths. This is like playing hide-and-seek with Adriatic’s residents. 🙂

Krzysztof Stępień

Position: dive guide – intern

Diving certification: P3 CMAS/ Divemaster IDF

Period of stay: middle of July – end of August


Where am I from: I am from Polkowice, currently I am studying in Kraków.

When did I start diving: after my first experience with scuba-diving – it was intro at the pool – I felt immediately, that was it! Then I went to a training course in Masuria, from where I came back with new skills and the passion for the rest of my life.

When did I start to work in Nautica: 2019 is my first year of working in a dive center, but I have already had an opportunity to get to know it as a customer of Nautica.

Where did I dive: most of my dives I have done in Poland and Germany, where waters are dark and uncomfortable for many people. I have also dived in Adriatic and the Red Sea.

Beloved dive site in Croatia: it is hard to choose one of those, which I have already visited. For sure a huge impression made on me a stunning cavern in the Lućice Bay, where are beautiful walls which are great hideout for many starfishes and sea slugs. However, it is really hard to beat a site named Campanella, but I think, an attempt of description of this gorgeous place is pointless – you have to dive there!

Andro Pakušić

Position: skipper, captain of VERITAS   

Diving certification: Divemaster

Period of stay: whole season


Where am I from: native-born Stari Grad inhabitant, and natural born sea dog 🙂

When did I start diving: I dive since I remember; since I was a child, because I was born at the seaside. 

When did I start to work with Nautica: in 2010

Beloved dive site: Mario Bay! 🙂

What is my job in diving centre: I’m responsible for safe boat transport of our guests to the dive spots and I give them my support on the surface. I take care of Veritas.

Piotr Tuleja

Position: intern

Diving certification: AOWD PADI

Period of stay: 29.06 – 3.08


Where am I from: from Krakow, currently a high school student

When did I start diving: it started very inconspicuously, namely I went with my parents for a two-week holiday to Hvar. My friends then offered to my brother and me a PADI Open Water Diver course in the Nautica Hvar diving center. After this course, literally overnight I became fascinated with the whole world of diving and did not have to persuade me long (in the same season) for the next 3 weeks spent in our database as a trainee.

When did I start working with Nautica: as I mentioned above, my adventure began only a year ago, but I hope for another many well spent years and moments of diving.

Where did I dive: Croatia (Hvar, Pag).

Beloved dive site in Croatia: I have not yet had the opportunity to dive in every spot on Hvar, but the most beautiful thing for me was the vertical wall on Travna.

Jędrzej Szpygiel

Position: Intern

Diving certification: P1 CMAS

Period of stay: July 2019


Where am I from: currently I live in Otwock and I’m in the middle of engineering studies at Warsaw University of Technology.

When did I start diving: supposedly, I had my first diving, when my father accidentally dropped me to a bathtub just a couple of hours after my birth 🙂 Both of my parents are CMAS divers for 25 years and in 2013 it was them, who inspired me to take the basic diving course with Nautica Hvar Dive Center in Croatia.

When did I start to work with Nautica: I finished my P1 CMAS course in 2013 and became an intern in Nautica Hvar Dive Center in 2019.

Where did I dive: I managed to explore most of the interesting places around Hvar island, including: Glavna, Tatinja, Kamulce, Travna, Osibova (Brač) and Lučice cave. For a climate contrast, I had an opportunity to dive on post-glacial formations in the deepest Polish lake – Hańcza.

Beloved dive site in Croatia: Among the ones I had a chance to explore so far – Lucice cave for sentimental reasons – an octopus, that I saw on the way there, an overwhelming amount of space just after going through the “windows”,  an impression of flying during all the way down and an enormous brittle star at the seabed – it was enough to cause my first underwater katharsis 🙂

Dobromił Skrzypniak

Position: intern

Diving certification: AOWD

Period of stay: August



Where am I from: Kudowa – Zdrój

When did I start diving: In 2016 I did my first intro in Egypt – since then I have known which path I will follow 🙂

When did I start to work with Nautica: 2019 (first time)

Where did I dive: Croatia, Egypt

Beloved dive site in Croatia: I saw too little to say anything about that, but places where I have been definitely fascinated me 😀