dive site type: cavern
depth range: 0 – 39 m
difficulty: medium
distance from the diving center: 1h

Certainly one of the best dive sites in central Dalmatia. Two spacious rock windows at the depth of 3-4 m lead to a monstrous chamber. The cavern has a diameter of 30 meters and a depth of 23-37 meters, at the bottom there is a rock debris, in which we find the shelter of a serpent and starfish. Rock walls and ceiling are inhabited by langustas, octopus, spade crabs, polychaetes and slides. The foreground of the cave is a bare, limestone rock, sporadically covered with sponge colonies and inhabited by dozens of sea urchins. To the north of the entrance to the cave, at a depth of 3-6 m, there are interesting rock beaks covered with orange sponges.