dive site type: nature
difficulty: medium
depth range: 0-50 m
distance from the diving center:  35-40 minutes

30 meter tunnel crossing the Kabal penisula. The tunnel entrance is located at a depth of 9m, directly below the concrete steps leading to the small lighthouse on the surface. The corridor – the tunnel crossing the Kabal peninsula is a shelter for scorpion fish, congers and red apogons, as well as hiding from the light crustaceans: scavengers and crawlers. Swimming on the opposite side of the penisula at a depth of 17m, we swim along the wall overgrown with yellow gorgonias, after a while reaching the picturesque cluster of huge rock blocks, creating a complicated maze of ravines and corridors. At night the walls around the promontory are teeming with life. Langustas come out of their shelters, orange shrimp appear, and octopus hunt for crustaceans.