dive site type: nature
difficulty: medium/hard (depends on a dive plan)
depth range: 0-45 m
distance from the diving center:  40-45 minutes

A picturesque crack in the bottom, which is a trace of a former watercourse, leads to a vertical crack – a “waterfall” that falls into the sand at a depth of 45 m and deeper … The wall extends east and west of the crack. On longer sections it is heavily overhanging, covered with colonies of sponges, corals and bryozoans. Here are langustas, lobsters, crabs, and in the shallows octopus and many species of snails. Diving is carried out in two possible variants – Glavna East and Glavna West. Glavna East is a simpler dive – we swim along a gently sloping slope, densely overgrown with yellow gorgonians, of which we find an unusually large amount on this place. Gorgon are inhabited by various species of nudibranch. This is one of the most interesting places for macro photographers. The more difficult part of Glavna – Glavna West – is a wall falling vertically from 25-30 meters to the bottom. As densely covered with yellow gorgonias as the slope of Glavna East. For many, one of the most beautiful walls of the island of Hvar