dive site type: nature
difficulty: hard
depth range: 13-64 m
distance from the diving center : 2 hours 30 minutes

The most famous dive site on the west side of the island of Hvar. Campanella – from italian – “bell tower”. It is a monumental, underwater mountain located west of the island of Mali Vodnjak, belonging to the archipelago of the Hell Islands (Pakleni Otoci). Campanella rises 60-70 meters to a depth of 13 meters and like most formations lying in the open sea is washed by strong sea currents, carrying food for corals, sponges and bryozoans growing on it. In the small space live here large scorpion fish, pink forks, mullets, congers and moray eels, as well as shoals of sundus, sarguses and chromes. The surface of the rock is covered by picturesque perches of red gorgonia of the species Paramuricea Clavata extending from a depth of 18-20m to the bottom. The attraction of diving is also swimming through a rock window cutting at a depth of 32-36 meters a rock pillar extending southwards from Campanella. During another dive it is worth diving around the so-called A small Campanella – a separate formation from the main peak by a saddle and forming, together with Campanella, a small underwater mountain range. Due to the great depths and frequent currents, dives at Campanella are addressed to advanced divers.